What your Employees Could Cost You
Do you watch "The Office"? It's a hilarious sit-com that parodies corporate America. I'll confess to really liking the show, but occasionally some of the scenarios seem a little over the top, even for a comedy. No way would people do that kind of stuff in real life. Or would they? True life is often stranger than fiction. Take for example these real life claim examples provided by Travelers of office decorum gone awry. These cases of Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) illustrate how challenging it is for employers to navigate through all the issues related to Human Resource management. It's hard enough for large firms with a professional HR staff. How much harder for smaller firms who may only have one or two people acting in the HR role?

That is why you need to consider purchasing Employment Practices Liability Insuarnce.  I wonder how many of the 19 employees in the firm that got tagged with that $455,000 judgment still had jobs a year later.

Reprint from the "Big I Newsletter" March 23, 2010